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If I already have xy centroid data, how do I import xy centroid data and BOM to export centroid data with part numbers or is that not possible.

Yes you can import xy centroid + bom and export centroid with part numbers.

Note:  If you have an IPC Netlist file, you can just import that and FAB 3000 will automatically extract X,Y centroid plus part numbers.

1. Import xy centroid.  Here's several tutorials showing how to import xy centroid:

2. Convert Centroid file to Component Layer.   Go to menu:  Assembly / Convert External Centroid (to Components).. 

3. Import BOM.  This tutorial should show all required steps to complete the process.

Note: Make sure to check the option "Merge BOM" during import. 

4. Merge BOM with existing components.  If you haven't selected the option to Merge BOM (during BOM Import), go to the menu:  Assembly / Merge External BOM..

5. Export Centroid file (menu: File / Export / Centroid...), and make sure to check the option to include "Part Number".

If you get stuck, feel free to send us your sample file and we'll be happy to create a tutorial movie.

Thanks again.

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