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I would like to import a Centroid file and check it against my Gerbers. Is that possible with FAB 3000?

I have assigned a Layer Column, which the file designates as “T” & “B” for each component but FAB3000 does not seem to assign them on separate layers so they can be viewed on or off? They are all assigned to the Bottom Layer?

External Centroids (i.e Centroids Imported from a File), are not placed onto a layer.  Instead they are stored within FAB 3000 database and can be viewed as a label which overlaps the component.   Here's a quick tutorial showing me import an Excel file that contains centroid data.

Note:  For the tutorial movie above, I no longer have the original Gerber files, so after import you will only see the labels.  If Gerber existed you would see it over the components.
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