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How do I translate DXF to Gerber using FAB 3000?

Please perform the following steps and view my tutorial movie (at the bottom):

1. Import DXF File (menu: File | Import | DXF )
2. Verify DXF import options (see help guide for more details).
3. Click 'Next' to start DXF import process.

You will now see the DXF file inside FAB 3000.  You may view, edit, and analyze any objects.

4. Export Gerber Files (menu:  File | Export | Gerber )
5. Verify Gerber export options (see help guide for more details), and click 'Next'
6. Verify the layers and gerber file names you want to export, and click 'Next'
Note: Each layer requires a separate gerber file.
7. Choose the directory where you want to export the gerber files, and press 'OK'.

Your Gerber files will be written to your hard disk.

Here's a sample tutorial movie:
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