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Missing Pads when I look Gerbers and Aperture list

If the apertures are not appearing, this most likely indicates FAB 3000 does not have an "Aperture Wizard Template" (AWT) file. Each PCB layout tool has their own unique aperture file format that output with their gerbers and they usually change the parameters of their aperture files with each version, this results in thousands of different aperture list formats out there in the world. Luckily FAB 3000 comes with many AWT files and can handle 90% of these aperture files out-of-the-box. For the few exceptions, we have created an "Aperture Rules Editor" which allows you to easily create a AWT for your particular aperture file type. Once you have created the AWT FAB 3000 will always be able to "automatically" detect those aperture files. 

Goto menu: Setup | Aperture Rules Editor... to create an AWT. 
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