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EasyGerb - Getting started. Using Numerical Cloud.

Still not sure what error I have. I've installed without issue. There's just nothing showing up like it should.

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Thanks for the screen captures.

1.  Make sure your Numerical Cloud "Activation Code" has been properly activated - so far nothing has been done.

2. Have you searched and selected EasyGerb from it's installation folder (default: C:\Numerical Innovations\EasyGerb7\).  AutoCAD won't load EasyGerb automatically unless you place it in the "startup suite".

3. Try a different version of AutoCAD (if possible).  We've been supporting EasyGerb since AutoCAD 2000, so over the years some releases are more friendly/compatible than others - specifically newer versions which have increased security protocols preventing access for ARX binaries.

4. Since you have Numerical Cloud - both FAB 3000 and ACE 3000 can convert any AutoCAD DXF/DWG to Gerber.  Here's examples showing how to generate Gerber files (from AutoCAD) with all Numerical products,

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