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When I click the “View Gerbers with Fab 3000” button I get an error. It Says “Cannot locate Fab 3000 executable

Thanks for your question. FAB 3000 is a separate Gerber Editing tool that we develop, and it's directly compatible with the Gerber/Drill output from EasyGerb. For more information about FAB 3000 visit: If your company has purchased FAB 3000, please perform the following:

1. Start EasyGerb, and go to menu: File | Select Path for FAB 3000...

Note: In some versions of EasyGerb, this command is located in menu: Help | Select Path for FAB 3000...

2. Select the location of the FAB 3000 executable file "FAB3000.exe". Typically FAB 3000 will be installed in the following folder:


C:\Numerical Innovations\FAB3000\fab3000.exe

Note: Depending on what version of FAB 3000 you have, the path and executable name may be slightly different.

Note: Any commercial quality Gerber Viewer may be used to view results from EasyGerb. However FAB 3000 has a direct link feature built into EasyGerb which simplifies the entire Gerber viewing process.

Important: We do offer a free Gerber Viewer called DFM Now! (which is essentially FAB 3000 Lite), and it's also compilable with EasyGerb. Just download DFM Now! from our site and repeat the same steps for FAB 3000, except select the DFM Now! executable file "dfmnow.exe".


C:\Numerical Innovations\DFMNOW\dfmnow.exe 

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