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I have a problem converting very small objects. Please help?

I am trying to convert a drawing from Autocad to Gerb, but when I do, the small drawings lose their shape and get a square like format.

I amplified the size of the small figures in the Cad and when I convert it to the Gerb, when bigger, they are perfect, but the smalls always lose their shape.

Do you have any idea about what that is?


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Thank you for your question and sending a sample file.  When reviewing your gerber files, I noticed you selected to export the Gerbers with a "Digit (Integer.Decimal)" format of "4.1". This means that the accuracy of your gerber files is only to 1 decimal place (i.e 1/10th inch), and your gerber files coordinates will be rounded down. 

For example, if a coordinate in your gerber file was meant to be 2.24 inches, it would be rounded to 1 decimal place of accuracy, resulting in 2.2 inch.

Note: This is typically the case when you view your resulting gerbers in a "gerber viewer" and see many weird geometries.  

Try adjusting your Gerber accuracy. I would recommend that you use at least 4 decimal places or higher (such as 3.4) when exporting your Gerber files.

Note: For best results, choose 6 decimal places of accuracy.

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