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The license key sent to me for EasyGerb doesn't seem to work. I get an error the license is not valid

ATTN:  EasyGerb Version 7 users (and above) - Newer versions of EasyGerb (7+), use an activation code instead of a Flexnet license key.   If you are using and older EasyGerb 6 (or below) then you may continue with this topic.

EasyGerb first checks for a license file (license.lic) in the EasyGerb installation directory. ex. C:\Program Files\Numerical Innovations\EasyGerb 

and then it checks if you have previously pasted a license key into the dialog "Enter License Key...".  If EasyGerb is not recognizing the license key you have pasted into the "Enter License Key..." dialog (which is the standard way to enter your license); perform the following to create a license file and place it into the EasyGerb Installation folder. 

(1) Select Copy all lines of the FEATURE (including the word "FEATURE") to the clipboard. It looks something like this:

FEATURE arxx numinno 3.1 1-may-2009 uncounted HOSTID=ANY \
        NOTICE=@demo_license_for_evaluation_only.;eg TS_OK SIGN="0A82 \
        5988 4h8B 4B38 EF3E 0B15 20BB 2D5C A23E D0BE A802 FB57 57A0 \
        2755 0DA3 0E06 54EF 0F8D 6848 E052 A464 7F64 A4A8 D532 3C1B \
        7119 8A96 2F3C A8A9 1979"

(2) Using Notepad.exe (or any text editor) create an empty document and paste (from the clipboard) the license key.

(3) Save that file name as "license.lic", and place it into the EasyGerb installation folder:
ex. C:\Program Files\Numerical Innovations\EasyGerb

Note: Make sure the file is a simple "text file" and not a binary document.

Note: Make sure the file is a *.lic" and does not end with ".txt".

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