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Does EasyGerb Convert Solid Hatches??

EasyGerb does not support solid hatches. The solid hatch is great for displaying fills in AutoCAD, however it can result in duplicate data (for example if you draw a rectangle as a closed 0-width polyline and then hatch it, you now have 2 rectangles: the polyline & overlapping hatch). EasyGerb will only convert the primary AutoCAD entities like:

Polylines, Lines, Arcs, Circles, Blocks, Text, etc (and it will alert you if comes across any entities it doesn't support) .

Note: Make sure that you use closed 0-width polylines to draw the outlines of the areas that you want to have filled. Here's a blog post about the rules we recommend for converting AutoCAD to Gerber, and definately apply for EasyGerb:


Note: If you prefer using Solid Hatches, our Stand-Alone conversion tool ACE Translator 3000 can easily convert DWG/DXF to Gerber and fully supports solid hatches. If you're interested in ACE, please let me know and we'll be happy to send you more information, trial, etc.

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Here's a work-around for EasyGerb Users who need to convert Solid Hatches:

EasyGerb does not directly convert solid hatches, however there is an easy workaround if your Dawing does contain Solid Hatches.

1. While in AutoCAD go to menu: File | Save As..., and simply save your DWG as an AutoCAD 12 formatted file.  
2. Close your current AutoCAD drawing, and then open the AutoCAD 12 formatted file you just created.

3. Run EasyGerb and you'll be able to convert all solid hatches.

Why? Older AutoCAD formats did not support solid hatch entities, so when you save to an older AutoCAD format they will be converted to SOLID entities, which EasyGerb can easily convert.

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