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I can't figure out how to implement "necking" with my tracks.

I purchased EasyGerb a few months ago, along with the Lifetime Support Plan, but I just starting using it today.

I can't figure out how to implement "necking" with my tracks. Please note the attached picture.  

Many of my tracks do not have uniform thickness throughout their entire length. How do it convert these tracks using EasyGerb? 


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To make the necking in your tracks, you may draw the different widths using Polylines with width or simply draw the outline of the necking with a Polyline (0-Width). Please see my attached drawing,

Note: I noticed in your drawing some necking is "rounded" while others have square ends. To make necking work for rounded, you must break the Polyline with Width each time there is a difference in width. To make necking work for square ends, you make keep the Polyline with Width continuous, and check the EasyGerb layer option "Outline Width Polylines" for the layers which contain those types of traces. Again the easiest way is to simply draw the Necking as outlines and have EasyGerb fill in those areas.

I have also created a sample tutorial movie:

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