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Whenever I start EasyGerb I receive an error message "Unable to Initialize EasyGerb: Translation Aborted". However my colleague can load EasyGerb fine on his computer.

We purchased a license for easyGerb v7 and I installed it under my login because I have domain admin rights.  Now the normal user of the computer is getting:


I have unlicensed and re-installed EasyGerb under the other user, but no matter what I try including unsinging the license, I just keep getting this error on the other user.  How do I fix it?

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The EasyGerb error message that you always receive when running under the other user occurs because EasyGerb cannot load all of it's important files.  However the exact same EasyGerb runs perfectly fine when you log in as the user.   The only difference between the two are the permission levels.

EasyGerb is an AutoCAD ARX extension and I believe elevated permissions "within the AutoCAD application" are required to run any external ARX program (specifically EasyGerb).   Basically under the other user external programs like EasyGerb are prevented from accessing all required Autocad libraries and files.

When performing a Google search I see there are several posts on the Autodesk website about user permissions (especially for Windows 10 users):

Basically the other user is going to require elevated permissions to properly run EasyGerb.  I believe either inside AutoCAD itself you can control the user permission levels,

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