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EasyGerb doesn't recognize Numerical Cloud, states unable to Initialize.

I was able to install all three tools and activate the license. However, whenever I try to open easygerb in Autocad by first loading the app   (APPLOAD) and typing in “easygerb” in the command line, the following   error appears and Easygerb would not open. 

Do you have any idea as to why it is keeping me from opening Easygerb?

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That message states EasyGerb is not able to find your Numerical Cloud license.

Are you running AutoCAD as a different user?  The Numerical Cloud  license is stored per user (in the user Roaming Folder), so if you use  the same computer but login as a different user - EasyGerb will no be  able to find the license.   If yes, please activate Numerical Cloud for  the User account that has AutoCAD.

My first recommendation would be to manually assign the Numerical Cloud folder in EasyGerb.

  1. Start EasyGerb 7.  For more details please view the following  link,
  2. Go to EasyGerb menu:  File / EasyGerb Settings...
  3. Find "Numerical Cloud Folder" and enter the location where the  Numerical Cloud license is stored.  The Numerical Cloud license is  typically located in the users Roaming  folder, "C:\Users\<Your User  Name>\AppData\Roaming\NumericalCloud".
  4. Press OK to save setting changes.
  5. Restart EasyGerb and it should be fine.

 If problems persist, please let me know what AutoCAD version are you  using?  Include Platform details (i.e AutoCAD 2016 Windows 32-bit).

Note:  Also, please make sure to install EasyGerb Version 7.0.3  (or higher).   Previous versions did have an issue detecting the Numerical Cloud license.

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