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Is that possible to install EasyGerb with draftsight 2013 to convert DXF file to Gerber file and how could I do?

Thanks for your question.  Unfortunately EasyGerb will not run inside Draftsight (which does not support ObjectARX).

Most Draftsight users will use either of our stand-alone tools:  ACE 3000 or FAB 3000.  Both will import any DWG or DXF generate by Draftsight and easily convert to Gerber.  Both ACE and FAB use the same conversion settings as EasyGerb,  which makes it very easy for EasyGerb users to adapt.  Here's an article I wrote showing best practices for converting DXF to Gerber with ACE and FAB:

Lastly, we offer Numerical Cloud subscription which gives you both ACE and FAB on three computers for a low cost $49/month (annual plan).

Note:  Both ACE and FAB are also available as permanent licenses.

Thanks again, and please let me know if you have any other questions.

Best regards,


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