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EasyGerb 3 for AUtoCAD 2000

I moved the hard drive from one computer to another as the original unit had a bad motherboard. EasyGerb 3 no longer functions with AutoCAD 2000


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Hello Bob,

Thanks for contacting support, and sending the screen capture (it was nice to see the screen capture of AutoCAD 2000 in the background - that was my favorite version).   It's unfortunate Microsoft and Autodesk keep forcing us developers (and users) to constantly update our software, making it nearly impossible support those older versions using modern developer tools (like Visual Studio).


Unfortunately we do not have the ability to generate licenses for EasyGerb V3 (released 10 years ago).  The current version is EasyGerb 7 which runs on AutoCAD 2013 to present.


I would suggest the following:

1. Upgrade to a new version of AutoCAD and EasyGerb.

2. Try FAB 3000.  It's our stand alone tool that imports both DXF and DWG files, and exports to Gerber.  The DXF/DWG Import features are almost identical to EasyGerb, and it can work with "any" AutoCAD version.


Thanks again.


Best regards,


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