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I can’t execute EasyBerb w/i Autodesk. Below is the massage the I received. I clicked EasyGerb_Help inside EasyGeb7 folder, I couldn’t find ‘Set EasyGerb Setting’.

EasyGerb should add all "folder" information to your system registry during installation.

Note: Was there any troubles during installation or do you have a remote system setup which prevents access to the system registry?

 I would first recommend that you "reinstall" EasyGerb to ensure these folders are added correctly.  Make sure that the EasyGerb installer has access to your system registry.

Or,  perform the following to "manually "assign the folder details, in EasyGerb 7.

  1. Go to menu: File / EasyGerb Settings...
  2. Adjust the home folders to the location where you have installed EasyGerb 7.  Typically:   C:\Numerical Innovations\EasyGerb 7\
  3. cyAX8mvuOj3bn4A0aC7yG-8ndfDEvHBMuA.png
  4. Press OK and you should be fine.

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