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I was trying to convert all the rectangular pads in Layer 0 using FRS. Most came out fine with the exception of two types.

One pad was in a group of eight and the top left one is at approximately 7.4,2.3. Instead of a .090 by .025 rectangular flash it is a line (with round ends) drawn with Dcode 67.

The other pad is one of two in the same area, the top one is at about 7.85,2.45 and the lower one is at 7.85,2.2. Same type of result, a line vs. the desired .3 by .06 flash.

I tried using option OWP and the problem pads come out okay but are of type POEX, which at least one of my vendors can’t handle. So it is not a viable option. 

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Thank you for contacting me and I'll be happy to resolve your rectangle flash question. 

Two settings to review are the "Rect Flash Ratio" and "Flash Circle/Rects Less Than"; try increasing the values of both. To access these settings, start EasyGerb and click button "Options..." 

Rect Flash Ratiio: 
Compares an entities Height-to-Width ratio to determine if it can be flashed. This feature prevents small-length traces from becoming automatically Flashed by EasyGerb. This option is only used when the "FRS" option is checked for the layer. 

Flash Circle/Rects Less Than: 
All detected Circles & Rectangle shapes will only be flashed in their bounding width & length are less than this value. This option is only used when the "FRD" or "FRS" option is checked for the layer. 

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