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Licensing Questions for EasyGerb..

I am interested in purchasing the EasyGerb software, specifically EasyGerb for AutoCAD Mechanical, but I have a few questions:

  1. How many computers can we run with a license?  
  2. How much is each license? 
  3. When we upgrade to AutoCAD (latest release), will it be supported?

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Thanks for your question.

(1)  We offer three license types for EasyGerb:

A.  Single License - EasyGerb runs only on one computer.  Thus however many computers you need to have running EasyGerb, would be the quantity you would need to obtain.

B.  Floating License - EasyGerb FLEXnet License key is installed on your server computer.  Any client computer with access to the server can check-out a license.  
Note:  Since EasyGerb runs inside AutoCAD there may be an "additional layer" of complexity when setting up the Network License compared to a normal stand-alone desktop application.  Thus it would be recommended that your company have someone who is very familiar with FLEXnet licensing setup, to ensure the EasyGerb Network license is setup correctly.  We provide the floating license daemon,  key, and setup instructions.

C.  Enterprise/Site License - Receive one master license key that will allow EasyGerb to run on "any" computer at your company.  There is no setup involved, just install EasyGerb on any computer and use your Enterprise License key.

(2)  For pricing, please let us know what license type (see above) and quantities you require.  Contact our sales team:  and they will be happy to provide you with a quote for pricing/delivery.
Note:  Is anyone using AutoCAD Mechanical?  If yes, please let sales team know, as there is a separate version of EasyGerb required to run on AutoCAD Mechanical.

(3)  EasyGerb is an ARX application fully compatible with AutoCAD, so you will not have any problems when you upgrade.   

Note:  We strongly encourage EasyGerb users to get the Lifetime Maintenance plan; a one-time cost that covers all future upgrades (and tech support), so your EasyGerb will be compatible with any future AutoCAD version.  For more information, see the link below:

Thanks again for your questions.

Best regards,

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