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Graphical Comparison



I’m having problems using the Graphical Comparison function.  When comparing between jobs every layer turns red.  If I bring layer one from the old and the new layout into a single file I can do a layer compare but I am unable to get it to print into a PDF.  


Is this possible? 


Being able to produce an overlay file for each layer between revisions would be great for documenting changes on the ECO.


Also your help files sure could use a little work.  Rather then just defining what the command does it would be nice to see a little walk through on using it.


Running version 3.4.6




A requirement of "Compare Jobs" is that the origin must be the same (so that the gerber objects will align correctly on top of each other).  

Note: Many times PCB cad software will output a group of gerbers with different origins.

Here's the step-by-step instructions to compare Jobs:
1. Start FAB 3000 and import first set of gerbers (from revision C).  We recommend that you use the Autoload feature (menu:  File | Import | Autoload)
2. Create a new job (menu: File | New | Job...)
3. Now import second set of gerber files (revision D) into the new job, using Autoload

At this point you should have two jobs, one with the gerbers from revision C, and the other from revision D.

Note: You can verify if the origins are the same for both boards. Click on one job, and determine the lower-left coordinates of the board.  Then click on the other job, and verify the lower-left coordinates of the board.  If they are the same, then proceed to compare jobs...   If the coordinates are different then you will need to modify the location for one.  I would recommend that you use the command "Set Origin" (menu:  Setup | Set Origin), and pick a similar reference object on both jobs. Then proceed to compare jobs...

It was the origin.  Thanks for the help.



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