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Documentation Outputs, PDF

The PDF raster output loses information.
The preview shows all the information, but the final PDF has elements missing. 
It looks like the process runs out space and gives up.

Thanks for your response, and sending sample files.

When exporting a "raster PDF" (i.e image), small objects may be left off depending one the resolution. This occurs when any image is exported at a lower resolution that the features.  Plus there's another option called Smart Detail which may omit small objects.

For documentation purposes, the best method is  menu:  File | Documentation Outputs | PDF Vector...
or try any other documentation outputs (besides raster).

Let me know if that helps, and we want to resolve any documentation issues you're experiencing.


Lastly, next month we're releasing a new online tool that is 100% compatible for FAB3000 users and will allow advanced documentation features, collaboration/sharing,  Feel free to signup, and your suggestions are always welcome.

Thanks again.

Best regards,

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