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Modify panelized design RefDes

I've got two Jobs which have only mildly different layouts, all components and RefDes are the same. I then try to panelize five of one design and four of the other. The panel file then has nine of each component, each with the exact same RefDes and I am unable to make any changes to those designations. My typical PCB service cannot accept this BOM/Centroid file, each component must have a unique RefDes. How can I update the RefDes (ideally automated) so that each component has a unique RefDes in the panel? Thank you.

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Thanks for your question. 

When exporting a BOM/Centroid file for an entire Panel, check the option: Add Insert Ref#; which adds an extra column with the specific Job Insert Reference to have a unique RefDes.  

Here's a quick video (no sound) showing me:
  1. Panelize a sample Job
  2. Uniquely locate each RefDes separately on the entire panel.
  3. Export Centroid file (with option Add Insert Ref#).
  4. Display resulting Excel File.

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