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How can I merge selected objects and output as polygon(s)?

Please view the following to merge selected objects and generates resulting boundaries either as polygons (filled) or outlines (not filled).  This can be a very useful command to reduce design complexity for conversion to other EDA formats, compatibility with third-party software, also used for laser/CNC machining purposes and more.

  1. Select any objects you wish to convert to Polygons.
  2. Go to menu:  Tools | Polygon Utilities | Merge to Polygon(s)...
  3. Press OK, and new boundary objects will be generated.

Merge to Polygon(s) Description:

  • Output Type:  Determines how resulting objects will be created.   Default: Polygon 
    • Polygon Generate Filled Boundary.
    • Outline Closed 0-width outline (non-filled)
  • Output Paths:  Determines how resulting paths/traces will be created.  Default: Auto-Detect 
    • Auto-Detect Generate Boundary.
    • Rounded Round Corners and Endcap.
    • Truncated Squared Corners no endcap.
    • Extended Squared Corners and endcap.
    • Extended/Round Endcap Squared Corners with Round endcap.
    • Segments Output as separate Polyline Segments.
  • Merge Winding Rule:  Determines how adjacent/overlapping objects will be merged.   Default: Non-Zero 
    • Odd Filled with Odd winding rule.
    • Non-Zero Filled with non-zero winding rule.
    • Positive Filled when positive Winding rule.
    • Negative Filled when negative winding rule.
  • Output Layer:  Select layer to output resulting objects.
  • Minimum Hole Size:  Ignores any resulting holes with a diameter less than this value.  Default: 0 in/mm
  • Output Arcs (when possible):   If available will output Arc data in resulting polygons.  Default: Checked
  • Output Flashes (when possible):   Detect if outlines are either Round or Rectangular and then convert to flashed pads.  Default: Unchecked+

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