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When we want to add job on panel using "insert table" the coordinates entered are not referenced to origin.

The X,Y coordinates (in the "Insert Table") is simply the origin for the new inserted Job.  After running Insert Table, you can select any inserted job and see the Origin will be exactly the same as defined in the Insert Table.  

My guess is your Job (i.e PCB design) does not have the origin properly defined (usually in the lower-left).  So when you use Insert Table on a Panel, you haven't accounted for the additional transformation that occurs because your Job origin was not properly defined (to lower-left or whatever you consider to be the Job origin).

Here's a sample demonstration for your reference.

1. I selected a sample job called "board4", enter 100 for X, and 100 for Y and a rotation 90 degrees.

2. Now when I select that insert and use the command List (menu: Info | List...) 
Object Type: Insert
Parent: board4
Ref. Name: I__0
Origin: 100.0000, 100.0000
Orient: R90

3. However when I view in that inserted job (the objects are not drawn near 100,100) - Why? 

4. Here's Board4 - in the CAM editor (notice the origin was not properly defined.

Thanks again, and hope that helps!  Feel free to submit a support ticket and include any sample workspace file (*.wrk) for more assistance.

Best regards,


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