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I have a PDF with a layout of project i lost in a dead hard disk, and I want to rescue the design project from this pdf.

I was trying to use it to restore my project, but I only could extract the gerbers of the layouts, it was impossible to make it restore the NC DRILL, in the same time the pdf I have, it has the schemas, the nets and components info, but I couldn´t make anything with that, I don´t know if it was my problem because I don´t have much experience with the program or I didn´t find a specific tutorial or manual for my case.

The thing it´s that the only thing I could restore with the FAB 3000 it's the same I can restore with any .pdf to .dwg converter and then open up with Altium.

If I could restore with the program, something else, like I said, the schemas, the nets with components, it would be great.

Correct almost any tool can convert PDF to DWG, but the resulting graphical objects in the DWG are essentially useless (for generating actual PCB manufacturing data - even importing that DWG into Altium won't really help).   When FAB3000 imports a PDF it's already assigned as PCB manufacturing data with: D-codes, Flashed Pads, traces, and more.     Here's a related link for converting PDF to Gerber,

All you need to do after PDF Import is:

  1. Assign the Layer Types (menu: Setup | Layers Table...). 
  2. Create a Drill Layer (menu: Fabrication | Generate Drill |  Create Drill Layer...)
  3. Create Netlist (menu: Tools | Netlist | Netlist Extraction...)

--- At this point you have restored the electrical connectivity of the PCB.  

Here's a tutorial video showing all steps required to add intelligence to PCB manufacturing data (aka Gerber).

You could also generate the following:

Note:  Since the data is coming from PDF, it will take some effort to completely 100% restore all needed design intelligent and be acceptable data for PCB fabricators.

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