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Ungroup Dcodes from job gerber

Is there any way to ungroup the shapes received from my vendors, like this?

The reason to ungroup is to review individually the aspect│ area ratio and sizes...

Hopefully can be understanding this concern

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To ungroup a  custom aperture, I would suggest using the command Explode.  Select any  objects you wish to ungroup, and go to menu: Edit | Explode | All...   

However you will receive polygons (because that's how they were defined in the custom aperture).  If polygons are not good for you:

  1. Select all the resulting Polygon pads
  2. Use the command Draw to Flash: Selective..., go to menu:  Tools | Convert To | Draw to Flash: Selective...    
  3. Assign Oblong for the resulting shape and and press OK.

FAB 3000 will now generate oblong flashes that can be used for all SMT Pad analysis, etc.

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