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I am having trouble with the tools at MacroFab.

Hi, I just requested and received a 15-day license key. I am having trouble with the tools at MacroFab. Macrofab states they use your tools to process ODB file, and that your tools are failing. When I load the attached ODB file in Fab3000, I get a lot of errors. But when I open the same odb zip in Siemens' ODB viewer it is fine. Can you shed some light on what might be wrong in the attached odb zip? Thanks

PS. the ODB was created with Diptrace. 
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Thanks again for sending the sample.  When I attempted to import the ODB++, I received the error message:   Error extracting: [102] Invalid input magic number.

The simply means that FAB 3000 is unable to "unzip" those *.z files like,  ./steps/eda/data.z   due to an invalid magic number that is currently used in the compressed ODB++ from DipTrace.   After unzipping the .z files myself (manually) everything loads fine as expected and imported fine (see below). 

Quick Fix: When exporting ODB++ from DipTrace just uncheck the option As Compressed File, and then in FAB 3000 go to menu: File | Import | ODB++ (Folder), and select the folder that contains your ODB++ from DipTrace. 

When opening the DipTrace ODB++ *.z files in a text editor, it should not begin with "pk" (magic number) which signifies PK Zip file compression not an actual Z file compression.  My guess is that Siemens viewer along with most Windows zip tools don't bother reading the magic number, and just detect whatever compression inside.

We will make FAB 3000 follow those same rules and not care about reading the magic # and just uncompressed regardless.  We will have an update of FAB available tomorrow.
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