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Names Filter Parameters - Smart Find and Smart Selection Filter

Both Smart Find and Smart Filter permit you to use Name filters to help pinpoint any object in the active design.

There are 3 types of Name Filter Parameters:  Parameters with Math operators, standard Parameters, and Attributes.

1. Parameters (with Math operators):  

Requires a math operator.

  • WIDTH     The horizontal (X) extents of an object.  Shortcut:  W or X
  • HEIGHT    The vertical (Y) extents of an object.  Shortcut:  H or Y
  • THICKNESS    The distance in the Z direction. Positive thickness extends upward in the positive Z direction; negative thickness extends downward in the negative Z direction.  Shortcut:  T or Z
  • ROTATE    Angle in degrees (0-360).  Shortcut:  R

5 available Math operators: 

  •         less than
  • >          greater than
  • <=       less than or equal to
  • >=        greater than or equal to 
  •          equal to


  • Select rectangle pads with a width <= 0.025 inches would appear in the "Apertures/Shapes" name Filter as:  Rectangle,width<=0.025

2. Parameters (standard):

Some standard parameters may only available for certain Name Filters.  Standard parameters use the equals operator.    Wildcards(*) are acceptable for standard Parameters.   

  •  MIRROR   Determines if object has been mirrored.   Used for objects such as: Components, Inserts, Text. 
  • SIDE  Determines if object references side: TOP, BOTTOM, or BOTH.     Used for objects such as: Test points, Components. 
  • NET    Determines if object references Net name.   Shortcut:  N
  • REFDES Determines if object references a Reference Designator.   Shortcut:  RD  or REF
  • PIN  Determines if object references pin number or name.
  • PARTNUMBER  Determine if Component references Part Number  Shortcut:  PART  or PN
  • PACKAGE Determines if Component Package references a Package Name   Shortcut:  PACK  or PKG 
  • PADSTACK Determines if objects references a Pad Stack.


  • mirror         (locate objects that are mirrored)
  • mirror=v    (locate  objects that are mirrored vertically - about X-axis)
  • mirror=h    (locate   objects that are mirrored horizontally - about Y-axis) 
  • side=top     (locate  objects that are referenced to the Top side - like Test Points)
  • net=CLR_3ddr   (locate  objects with the specific net CLR_3ddr)
  • net=gnd*_1   (locate objects with net that matches the wildcard pattern).
  • refdes=c12   (locate  component with reference designator c12)
  • refdes=u2*    (locate  components that matches the wildcard pattern). 
  • pin=22    (locate objects referencing pin 22).

3. Attributes:

Attributes are defined by pair NAME:VALUE   and are not case sensitive.  Note: Not all objects have attributes. To view attributes available for any object, select the object, go to menu: Edit | Properties..., and select tab "Attributes". 


To select only objects with attribute name .smd and also attribute name mycolor with a value of "blue" Ex .smd;mycolor:blue   

  • NAME is required. 
  • VALUE is optional.  

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