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AutoDwg unregistered

Lately when I import DWG I get a message that AutoDwg is unregistered.  This appears to be a 3rd party converter that is part of Fab 3000.  How can I correct this?

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Our tools natively converts DXF files (eg: import/Export).  However if a user wants to import a DWG, we use a 3rd party tool to convert the DWG -> DXF in the background.  That message means the component ../bin/Activeconverter.dll wasn't properly registered during installation - here's more information,

I would recommend trying to either re-install again and see if that registers the component, or just import as a DXF file instead of DWG  (DXF and DWG are essentially identical except DXF is ASCII. Plus. DXF is the most widely used CAD format.)

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