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progam FAB3000V7 does not run

From today I have always this message when I lunch the program.
I tried to disinstall and reinstall the program without success.
Do you can help me?
Many thanks


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Thanks for contacting support. I have three suggestions ordered in the most likely to get FAB 3000 up and running again.  Please try any of the following:


(1)  Install the latest version of FAB 3000  (BEST SOLUTION):

This is typically the de-facto standard suggestion.  A new install will typically include updated files which may have been corrupted or overwritten.

(2)  Invalid Setting in System Registry (PROBABLE SOLUTION):

Sometimes there is a FAB 3000 setting change (like wrong default System Font) that will prevent FAB 3000 from starting.  In many cases, simply deleting all FAB 3000 settings from the registry and restarting provides a solution.  Here's details how to perform that task:


(3)  Antivirus Software Update (LEAST LIKELY SOLUTION):

There may be an updated "anti-virus" software used by your company, that is terminating FAB 3000 as soon as it starts?  Here's a somewhat related topic from the user forum:

Note:  I might also recommend trying any of the following suggestions:

  • Restart your computer.
  • Install FAB 3000 on another computer, laptop, or home system.  If it starts than something externally on your computer is preventing FAB 3000 from starting normally?  
  • Change the name of the FAB 3000 executable from "FAB3000-V7.exe"  to "MyRenamed.exe" -- and double click that file to start it.  Most antivirus software tools are unintelligent and a simple rename of an excutable file will allow it to run without being terminated.

Hope this information helps, and please keep me updated.

Best regards,



Hi Simon,



The solution - Invalid Setting in System Registry-  is been the right solution for my problem.

The problem is solved.

Many thanks for your support

Est Regards





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