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I need to panelize 6 different pcb's with .100 spacing between boards tab rout mousebites .250" rails

Here's the steps I would recommend:

JOB/PCB Add Routs and Mouse-Bites (Repeat for each PCB):

  1. Define the Border Layer.  A Border Layer is "always required" for panelization and rout creation.  I use the FAB 3000 "Selective Border Detection" (menu:  Fabrication / Generate Missing Layers / Border (Selective); but you can create your own border manually
  2. Place FAB 3000 into NC Editor Mode (menu: Windows / NC Editor Mode).
  3. Create a Rout Path. (menu: Tools / Auto Rout PCB...)  I choose tool width 0.040, because there are very small radius's in the outline.  
  4. Add Tabs.(menu: Tools / Add Tab...). Make sure to use Symmetry to make sure the tabs will align with other PCB's.


Important:  You could also add "fiducials" to the board, by going to menu: Fabrication / Add Fiducials..., along with any other editing like remove borders, trim silkscreen, etc.  Please remember with FAB 3000 you can always go back anytime later and make any edits (even after the panel is finalized).


PANEL Creation:

I'm not sure how many of each PCB you require or what panel size, so I just added "random values for the quantity".

  1. Create a New Panel (menu: File / New / Panel)...
  2. You can choose an existing Panel or Create one yourself.  It is here that you can define the Panel attributes, such as Fidicuals, Tooling Holes, Venting, Rails, etc.   Note:  If you have an existing CAM 350 panel template file that you use feel free to send it to me and I'll be happy to create an equivalent FAB 3000 panel template for you.
  3. Once you are satisfied with the Panel setup, press OK and the panel will be created.  Now lets place the Jobs into the panel.  
  4. Go to menu: Tools / Panel Wizard / Fixed Panel...   Note:  It's important to remember, that you don't have to use our Panel Wizards and could manually add PCB's (going to menu: Insert / Job..)
  5. Enter the Quantity of each PCB/Job that you want.
  6. Verify the Spacing between PCB's, and Press "Next" for Panel Options.
  7. Press Next again, and wait for FAB 3000 to calculate the potential panels.
  8. Select the panel arrangement of jobs your wish to use, and they will now appear in your Panel.
  9. Synchronize Layers (menu: Tools / Synchronize Layers...).
  10. Finalize Panel  (menu: Tools / Finalize Panel).  This will add all panel attributes like Bars, Fiducials, tooling holes, venting, etc.


That's it, now you're ready to export the entire panel to Gerber, Drill, Rout, ODB++, DXF, etc. 

Here's a movie tutorial showing these steps:

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