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Trying to build parts for odd rotation on LED ring board

I am trying to create an ODB file for a circular LED board but I am having issues getting FAB 3000 to detect the odd rotations of the LEDs. What can be done to remedy this?
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Thanks for sending the sample workspace file.  Without this file I would have never known what solution to give you.

The real problem is that your Paste layer has "duplicate" pads - so that is what's confusing FAB 3000 when generating components.  Secondly, when using Build Components you must always normalize your selected pads so they appear as zero degrees rotation when creating a footprint.


When generating components at various angles, it's important that you correctly normalize the first footprint (at zero degrees) - without the normalization all your footprint pads will appear at weird angles.  I prefer to use the components located at the very bottom of the circular PCB (which are already normalized at 0 degrees). However, if you have no choice and select component pads that are non-normalized (for example already rotated at 30 degrees), than you need to normalize the pads.  Here's a tutorial movie showing me select pads rotated at 30 degrees and then normalizing the pads back to 0.  Remember for Build Components to work correct, the component must appear normalized in the "Preview Window".  Please view my quick tutorial showing this process.
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