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I cannot find tools panelize wizard

Thanks for your question.

The Panel Wizard can be found when you create a Panel.  Open your existing FAB 3000 workspace, and perform the following.

1. Go to menu: File / New / Panel...

Note:  FAB 3000 will ask you to select a Panel size, plus tooling holes, etc.  FAB 3000 comes with several predefined panel configurations that can be selected and modified.  I would recommend if this is your first time, to just select one of the pre-defined panel configurations.  


FAB 3000 is now ready setup to create a panel, and you'll notice that the toolbars and menu items have changed.  

2.  Go to menu: Tools / Panelize Wizard / Fixed Panel Size.  

Note: You can now merge all jobs into your panel.

If possible take a look at this full movie which describes all steps: 

Thanks again, and let me know if you have any further questions.


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