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Net List Extraction Wizard lockup.

After review here are a few suggestions/comments:

1. All layer types need to be defined before running "Netlist Extraction". 
Art001 --> Top
Art002 thru Art011  --> Internal
Art012 --> Bottom
Note: The other layers need to be assigned also such as "Mask Top", "Silk Bottom", etc.
Note:  If a file is non-essential choose layer type "Grahpic" or "Temporary". 

2. The Drill file was not aligned to the gerbers (this is a common occurrence), so you will need to use "Align Layers"
(a) Turn off all layers, except "Art001" (Top metal) and "Drl001" (Drill file)
(b) Goto menu:  Edit | Align Layers...
(c) Select pad on layer "Art001" that requires drill hole (selection requires that you choose the edge of the pads).
Note: I usually always choose the bottom leftmost hole that requires a drill.
(d) Now select the corresponding drill hole on the drill layer "Drl001". 
Note:  You will see the layer automatically align-up

Now your ready to run "Netlist Extraction"  (menu: Tools | Nets | Netlist Extraction...).  

Note: This was a 12 layer pcb using line fills (over 300k total objects) and the netlist extraction took me about 1 minute.
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I had all the layers assigned and the drill layer aligned in the *.WRK file.  It locks up when running in version 3.4.1 but runs fine in 3.4.6.  Upgrading solved the problem.


Thanks for the help Simon.

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