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How to install FAB 3000 on Ubuntu Linux.

We installed under Ubuntu 10.10, I noticed there is no good install instructions for Ubuntu
I dont have a username for your forums so will list what we did to get FAB3000 working here, in case you would like to help others with Ubuntu as it is widely used
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Program Installation
  • Download FAB 3000 (Linux) from the download page.
  • Extract all files to /opt/FAB-3000 (or extract in the GUI and move to /opt/FAB-3000 later)
  • Allow all to edit the FAB3000 files for license and recent list etc. by running the following in a terminal window:
sudo chmod -R a+rw /opt/FAB-3000/*

  • Open in a test editor

sudo nano /opt/FAB-3000/

  • Change the file to the following as it wont work out of the box:


  • FAB3000 uses, however Ubuntu ships with a newer version called So we just need to make a link pointing to the newer version, as root enter the following:

sudo ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/

  • Now test running it in the terminal


The program should start fine

Installing the License
  • Open FAB3000 and in the main window select Help > Enter License Key
  • Open license.lic in a text editor
  • Copy the contents of license.lic into the text box in FAB3000 and click activate, there should be another window that says the license has been activated (I found that the confirmation window was hidden behind the Enter License Key window)

Create Icon
  • Right click on panel and select add to panel, double click on Custom Application Launcher

Name = FAB3000
Command = /opt/FAB-3000/
Icon can be a picture from the FAB3000 folder


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