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How would i go about changing the symbols that are used in creating the FAB drawing ?

FAB 3000 uses a custom aperture library (247X Symbol Macro file) to store it's symbols used when creating a Fab drawing.  To change the symbols, you can either edit the file FABSymbols.cap to include the symbols you prefer, or tell FAB 3000 to use a different symbols file in the Options dialog. 
Note: The default symbol file is located in the folder: <FAB_INSTALL>/symbols/FABSymbols.cap

You can create your own custom apertures in FAB 3000 and then export to a Custom Aperture library file (menu:  File / Export / Custom Aperture Library...).  Here's a link showing how to create custom apertures:

Don't have time to create custom apertures?  You can also import another Gerber or ODB++ file than contains the symbols you want, and then export a Custom Aperture library file. 

To tell FAB 3000 to use a different symbols file:
1. Go to menu:  Setup  | Options..., and select tab "Misc".
2. Select the option "FAB. Drawing Symbol Library" and choose a new file to use.
3. Press OK to save.

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