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My imported drill file does not align up with the gerbers. It seems to be shifted to the right. How can I fix this?

It is very common for the drill files to not align with gerber files (many PCB CAD software using different origins when exporting their gerbers & drills).  Fortunately FAB 3000 can perform the alignment for you.  Please perform the following:

Once you have imported your manufacturing data into FAB 3000, please perform the following to align any layer:
  1. Go to menu:  Edit / Align Layers
  2. Select a reference object on the "Base Layer" (i.e Good Layer).
  3. Now Select the similar reference object on the Layer to be Aligned. The layer is instantly Aligned.  
  4. Repeat Step #3 for any other layer that needs to be aligned.

Here's a tutorial movie showing the steps:

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