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How can I create a panel with different jobs snapped to positions I defined ( I do not want to have them placed randomly like merge wizard does)?

This suggestion assumes that you have already loaded your sets of gerbers and placed them into separate jobs, and saved that workspace.

A. Create New Panel (menu: File | New | Panel)...

Note: Assign the panel dimensions, etc.  Don't worry you can always change the dimensions later (panel menu: Tools | Edit Panel...)

B. Go to Merge Job Table (panel menu: Job | Edit Inserts...)

C. At line #1, select the Job Name. Then enter the X,Y insertion location, and transform.  Repeat this step for all inserted jobs you require.

D. Press OK, and you'll now see the jobs you require merged into one panel; using the exact placement requirements you defined.  From here you can export as gerber, ODB++, etc.
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