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Duirng ODB++ import Fab3000 seems to get stuck at 16%. What is it doing?

If during ODB++ import Fab3000 seems slow or appears to get stuck, there is only on reason: ODB++ Surfaces.

ODB++ has a complex object called a "surface".  Essentially it is an outer polygon with hundreds (or thousands) of inner islands/holes (clear) and inner metal regions (dark) all of which composes one ODB++ surface. Primarily used for Ground planes.  If the inner boundaries are defined in a clockwise fashion than they are considered islands/holes (which appear clear), if the boundary is counter-clockwise the are metal.  While this proves to be very efficient for Valor's purposes, Gerber doesn't support "surfaces" or those ODB++ "fill" rules, so when Fab3000 loads the ODB++ it needs to construct polygons.

Note: The ODB++ surface is similar to a Solid Hatch in AutoCAD.

To speed up the conversion process, please perform the following:

During ODB++ import, go to tab "Options"  and check the option "Convert Surfaces to Polygons (with cutlines)", that will typically alleviate and delays.  (see below)

Why?  This option simply breaks down complex surfaces into easy to process Polygons - which are common for most EDA formats like Gerber, GDS-II, etc.

Note: Please be patient. Depending on the complexity of the ODB++ surfaces, it may take Fab3000 several minutes during ODB++ import to convert the surfaces to polygons.
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