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How do I create a rout program with tab for my PCB?

Here's the first tutorial which shows how to create mouse bits and rout tabs. 

Here's the notes from my tutorial, ADD MOUSE BITES and Panelize:

1. Use Auto Rout PCB to automatically generate the Rout border.

Note: Select the corner where you wish to have the Rout Path Start (it really doesn't matter but I prefer the upper-left corner)

2. Insert Tabs (choose the one with mouse bites).

3. Select Tab location.  (I like to set snap to "mid-point" and selec 4 sides to add tabs)

4. Generate Panel.

Note:  To make more tightly packed, set the PCB spacing to the rout tool size.  In this case it's 90 mils. 

5. That's IT!

Note:  Now you can export the rout program.  File | Export Rout/Mill...
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