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Can I dynamically create a custom aperture from selected objects in the FAB 3000 editor?

Yes, FAB 3000 can automatically convert selected objects to a custom aperture definition.

Command Sequence

1. Select all the objects that you want  to convert to a customer aperture.
Note: This function requires that you select objects before proceeding.

2. Select menu: Tools | Draw To  Flash | Interactive...

3. Choose "Define by Creating a Custom"

4. Enter in the name you want to use as reference for this custom aperture.  
Note:  FAB 3000 will automatically choose a unique name for your custom aperture. You can change it or leave it.

5. Verify the search Options "Apply To".  You can decide whether to convert all objects similar to your selection as custom apertures.

6.  FAB 3000 will now create a new custom aperture, and add it to the Aperture Table.

Note: The new custom aperture is now current, and may be added, by using the command:  Add | Flash
Note: Fab It! is very intelligent and will recognize objects with a composite attribute and construct them with dark or clear fields (like a donut).
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