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Do you consider your software to be an end to end PCB design solution or do you always do most of a design using another PCB package?

FAB 3000 can be used to design simple PCB's, however that's not the focus of the software.  If you've ever designed a PCB in the past then you know the hand-off from your design data to manufacturing is not always smooth. Fab It! sits in the middle between design & manufacturing and helps prevent costly mistakes.

FAB 3000 lets you see exactly what your PCB manufacturers sees, so you can quickly detect any potential problems & fix them before they become major headaches.  It also checks you design for all common manufacturing mistakes (DRC/DFM), merges multiple PCB designs into one (placed on a single panel to save money during manufacturing), generate part centroid files for pick-n-place machines (when your CAD does not output the data), output DXF files required by many mechanical engineers, make edits to your gerber files, convert your gerbers & drills to a clean ODB++ database when its required by your manufacturing, create masks for chemical etching, and much more.

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