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We need to change solder paste mask gerber aperture sizes. Is there a way in your editor to globally change all apertures say 10% reduction?

Yes, you can globally modify pads by using the "Dcode" selection filter. We recommend that you turn off all layers, except one of the paste layers.

1. Determine what "Dcode" the pads are that you want to modify.  
Note: Once a pcb is in gerber data format there is no intelligence, so you are unable to select pads by part reference; selecting pads by Dcode is your next best bet.

2. Assign the selection filter (menu: Edit | Selection | Filter...) and enter in the dcode the appropriate box, and press OK.
Note: The filter can handle more that one Dcode at a time and also has the ability to exclude dcodes.

3. Now select all (menu: Edit | Selection | All).  Only objects with the Dcodes you have defined are selected.

4. Now you can Scale Pads to whatever percentage you require (menu: Fabrication | SMT Stencil | Scale Pads...
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