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How to add prefix for layer names?


Is it any way to add for every selected layers (or every opened layers) a prefix to it's name?

Otherwise if I have opened, for example top.gbr from one project, and I need to import (the same calling) top.gbr from other project then in result I have mixed two different Gerbers top.gbr into one top.gbr layer. 

To avoid I have to change opened top.gbr into for example 00-top.gbr before I will import next top.gbr. For only one file I can do it manually. But if I do it many often, and for all layers, then I would like to have an option to rename all opened layer names by adding prefix, pro example  "00-" for all of them.

Is this possible somehow?

Two separate job tabs are not solution for me (for that cases), because I need to see two projects in the same time, make some operations between ad so one. 

So please advise how to rename all files, but keeping their current names but adding a frefix only. 

Thank you and best regards


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