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Script automation to export every single layer to a single .dxf drawing


I'm trying to find a easy and working way how to do it automatically -> for all design layers (opened in FAB3000) I would like to get .dxf drawing files. One layer -> one .dxf file. 

I need to have .dxf files to import them to Mentor Graphics PADS (because Mentor Graphics PADS heve no supoport for ODB++ import.) 

Normally for 5 layers I need to make a few separate steps multiplicated 5 times:





I would like improve my work to generate all separate .dxf files in one step. So maybe I could to write a FAB3000 script. 

But how to do it?

Could someone help me please?

Best regards


Thanks for your question.  Exporting individual DXF files per layer will be available with version 8.

How can I know version 8 becames available?

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