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I have the CLOUD version. Trying to set up on a second computer. Keeps popping up with That activation code has been used and wants to reset the password. Will that mess up the first computer? We also had a similar issue yesterday when we updated to V7.7.

Here's a good link which should really help,

If problems still persist, please try out the following suggestions:

A.  We recently updated the security mechanism for both ACE and FAB 3000, which requires a re-activation.

Activation Code Center

B. Your cloud license is good on 3 computers, and you can manage the computer(s) which use the license online.  

Go to the activation code center:
Click option "Manage License Info", and fill in your activation code and password.

Thanks and let me know if that helps.

Best regards,


Not much luck with this ....

Following the link above, brings me to the page where I paste the code from the mail, enter my password and click on View Info => the info I type is cleared and nothing else happens.

I really need to be able to work from my home computer too, but so far only the one at work is running Fab3000.

The info above could be a lot easier to find, it should be permanent on the front of FAQ.

Please create a support ticket and send us your activation code, and we'll be happy to review.

Best regards,


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