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How do I install and activate Numerical Cloud?

Numerical Cloud uses a revolutionary new licensing technology which allows you to manage multiple users with a single activation code. Here's the instructions to setup your Numerical Cloud Team License.  

IMPORTANT: After activating your first computer, you will automatically receive an e-mail describing how to deactivate/reactivate user licenses on various computers; using the online License Panel Manager (LPM).

1. If you haven't done so already, please download and Install FAB 3000 (or another Numerical Cloud tool like: ACE Translator 3000, EasyGerb, etc.)

2. Start FAB 3000 and go to menu:  Help | Enter License Key | Numerical Cloud...             (or at startup select  "I have Numerical Cloud Subscription")

3. Enter your activation code below, and complete the registration process.

[YOUR ACTIVATION CODE HERE]   <--- A Numerical Cloud activation code begins with "NC" and is typically 22-30 alphanumeric characters.

4.  Repeat steps 1-3 for each of your computers.

Important:   When using one activation code across multiple computers, please make sure to use the exact same information for each computer (i.e Activation Code, Password, and Email).

Note:  The activation password you assign is CASE SENSITIVE, should be between 4-16 characters, and only contain characters: 0-9, a-z, A-Z   


Note:  FAB 3000 was used in these instructions to setup Numerical Cloud Team on a computer, however you may substitute using any other Numerical Cloud product (like: ACE Translator 3000, etc.). Once you have successfully activated Numerical Cloud, all other Numerical Cloud products will be automatically activated on your computer.

Attn EasyGerb Users:  When using EasyGerb with Numerical Cloud you will need to first activate either FAB 3000 or ACE 3000.   Why? Since EasyGerb runs in AutoCAD it cannot fully modify all system and registry values on your computer. By activating ACE or FAB, EasyGerb will know where to find the cloud license.

Note:  To manage people using your activation code please view the following link: