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ACE Version 8 starts up and then shuts down. Why?

I believe that issue is related to the anti-virus/firewall software on that computer which probably thinks ACE 2D/3D Translator is a threat and shuts it down.  Try adding the ACE  executable ACE3000-V8_64.exe to the "Allow List" of the anti-virus/firewall software and you should be fine. 


To verify that ACE 2D/3D Translator is being shut down immediately you can view the "Task Manager" - press CTRL+ALT+DEL, and select "task manager".  Then start ACE 2D/3D Translator   - if you see "ACE3000-V8_64.exe" appear and then quickly disappear - means that it was shut off externally.  Here's more information explaining this situation,

Before starting ACE you could try Right-Click over the ACE icon (on the desktop) and select "Run as Administrator...".  This usually allows the program to run without interference.

Note:  Most antivirus software tools are unintelligent and a simple rename of an executable file will allow it to run without being terminated.  Change the name of the DFM Now executable from " ACE3000-V8_64.exe"  to "MyRenamed.exe" -- and double click that file to start it.

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