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I can't seem to save files from ACE.

ACE uses a "wizard like" GUI to import selected files and then exports them to your selected export format.  Essentially you just configure the first page of ACE, and then click the button "Next"; following through the simple steps until you complete the conversion.

Note: There is no "Save Button" (except when saving an ACE Workspace from the CAD viewer)

Lets demonstrate a DXF to GDSII conversion.  ACE comes with several sample DXF files, located in the ACE "examples" folder.

1. Start ACE Translator.
2. Select "DXF" for Import Format, and select "GDSII" for the Export Format.
Note: For DXF you will need to let ACE know what import units to use.  In this example, use "1.0, Micron"
3. Click button "Next", and select the DXF file (ex.  C:\Program Files\NumericalInnovations\ACE2009\examples\DXF\Opamp.dxf)
4. Review DXF Import options, and click button "Next".
5. Review GDSII Export options, and click button "Next".
Note: ACE will now import the GDSII.
6. Review the Cells & Layers to be exported, and click button "Next".
Note: ACE lets you preview your files before export to GDSII by clicking button "CAD Viewer...".  You can also perform editing & make any changes here before exporting to GDSII.  This is a unique feature ACE has, which gives ACE much more power than your standard translator.
7. Select the location for your new GDSII file.
ACE will now export your GDSII file, and your done.  

To view the folder that contains the exported GDSII file, click button "Output Folder".

Note: If for any reason you are still not able to save the exported files from ACE, please make sure you have Admin permission to write to the export folder you have selected.
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