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You have any good example(s) of using ACE 3000 for layout(simple) in addition to converting. Sometimes, we do have simple circuit layout and we just want to bypass the Autocad if we can use this directly.

Here's a quick tutorial I created (no sound) showing how to create simple circuits using ACE 3000). 

#1 Initialize ACE, select "start from scratch", and add layout objects. 

#2 Complete Layout design and export to Gerber/Drill

Note:  If you constantly need to create simple circuit layouts  and/or edit sometimes- I would recommend checking out our Gerber editor: FAB 3000.  It allows you to easily perform full editing features (including scripts) and has the exact same DXF Import features as ACE 3000.  The FAB 3000 editor is somewhat similar to AutoCAD - so it should be easier for anyone with AutoCAD experience to start editing in FAB 3000

Note:  The only different FAB 3000 concept is to assign a Composite value for dark/clear areas (or use DeEmbed to perform automatically),

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