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PDF to DXF problems

PDF to DXF problems

I just purchased ACE3000 in order to simplify the creation of PCB footprints.

PDF datasheets typically offer scale drawings of electronic parts, such as connectors, for example.

I typically want to capture a portion of a PDF file, translate to DXF, then scale image to 1:1 with AutoCad, then import into my electronic CAD. 

While viewing some PDF files, if I zoom in on the drawing to frame the area of interest, then print "current view" to a new file, it will fail to print citing something about lack of proper permissions.

If I try to execute a screen capture, this fails as well, apparently due to same reasons.

If I close the PDF file, I can do screen captures all day long.

Some PDF files will allow reprinting "current view", but these are usually raster based files which ACE3000 cannot translate properly.

What options do I have for capturing and scaling these PDF images?
Thanks for your question.

There's no embeded "permission error" built into the ACE source code, so the only thing I can think of is perhaps you may be exporting to a folder where you do not have permission.  If possible try saving the file to a folder like "MyDocuments", and see if that resolves the problem.

If there's still any problem,  please fill out a support ticket, attach a sample PDF and/or DFX file; and we'll be happy to immediately review the files.  Here's the link:

Also, please make sure you have installed a somewhat recent version of Ghostscript.  On my machine I use Ghostscript 8.63 which you may download from our site:

Ive narrowed down the problem.

I am no longer able to capture and paste screen captures when a PDF file is open. Perhaps it's the paste function that is disabled, can't tell which. Same result either way,

If I close the PDF file, capture and paste works well. Re-open the PDF file (any PDF file), no workie.

I used to do this all the time. Don't know when it stopped working but it sure doesn't work anymore.

Incidentally, I downloaded and installed the latest Ghost Script.


I'm having a bit of trouble trying to visually understand what you require.  If possible please answer the following question:

When you mention open/close the PDF file, are you referring to something like Adobe Acrobat Viewer?  If yes, maybe when the PDF is open in Adobe, it cannot be accessed by external tools like ACE 3000, and then when you close the Adobe viewer then it can be accessed. 

I'm not 100% sure about this answer so feel free to provide more details or contact support and we'll be happy to help you:

Note:  If possible please provide a sample PDF file.


My procedure typically goes like this:

1. Open PDF file (typically is a datasheet for an electronic part) with Adobe Acrobat.
2. Zoom into frame the area of interest.
3. Save "current view" to new PDF file.
4. Use ACE3000 to convert new PDF file to DXF file.
5. Open DXF file in AutoCad.
6. Scale the DXF file to 1:1.
7. Import scaled DXF into my CAD software for generating printed circuit boards.

This process, when it works, saves tremendous time when drawing complex parts in my CAD software for generating printed circuit boards.
Thanks for your feedback, and listing your procedure.   I only have Adobe Reader installed on my system, however when I perform somewhat similar steps I am able to import the PDF into ACE 3000 and convert to DXF (without any problems).  See tutorial link (no sound):

Does this "permission" problem occur inside Adobe Acrobat, or is it an error message displayed by ACE 3000?  My guess is that this may be something related to Adobe Acrobat. 

Yes, it may well be an Adobe Acrobat issue. I had to contact our IT department to get licensing questions straightened out so that I can contact Adobe.

In the mean time I have a PDF file that appears to be translating to DXF via ACE3000, at least it generates no errors, but the DXF file is empty when I open it in AutoCad.

How can I send you the file for test purposes? 

Send any sample files to and I'll quickly take a look for you.

Note:  ACE does not convert PDF files that contain raster images only.

Please note, the above links have been updated. Please use the links below.

I am having trouble translating these PDF documents to Gerber. Can you take a look


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