Please try any of the following:

1.  This message can indicate that you are running a older version of the FLEXlm/FLEXnet license server software that is not compatible with the license file that you have installed.  In this case we would recommend you have our correct vendor daemon "numinno" and Flexnet binaries - setup on the server. Download our Floating License Bundle which contains our vendor daemon "numinno", and other FLEXlm/FLEXnet binaries.  If you don't already have the download link, submit a support ticket and request our Network Bundle - make sure to include whether your server is Linux or Windows.

2.  Another cause for this error message is that you have changed non-user editable parts of your license file.  For example, you may have a three server license and have commented out two of the three server lines.  The only parts of the license that you are allowed to modify are the host name (not host ID) and the port number.  You can, however, add certain arguments to your license file provided that you follow the syntax provided in the FLEXlm/FLEXnet user documentation (included in our Network Bundle).  For instance you can define a port number for the numinno vendor daemon, or a path to numinno, in your license file.

3.  The server hostname and MAC address (physical address) used to generate this license file are incorrect. You should verify that the server information listed in the license file matches the details on the System Settings tab in LMTOOLS. These errors can also occur if you combine multiple license files and the server hostname and MAC address are not consistent between all license increments.

4.  The version of FLEXlm® or FLEXnet being used is out of date. Check the Network Licensing Guide for your product to determine the correct FLEXlm version. Check the debug log file to make sure that both Lmgrd and numinno display the correct version.